Can Smoking Change the Color of Gums?

Can Smoking Change the Color of Gums?According to the CDC, about 18 percent of American adults currently smoke. Smoking has been linked to cardiovascular disease and lung diseases. It can also lead to dental health issues such as periodontal disease and oral cancer. If you smoke or chew tobacco, you may have more immediate concerns: stains. Most people know that tobacco discolors teeth, but it can also leave dark marks on your gums. If you have dark gums due to smoking, we can help.

Tobacco is notorious for leaving your teeth looking yellow or brown. When caught early, these stains may be able to be buffed away during a professional cleaning. Once stains reach the deeper structures of the teeth, they may require a professional bleaching treatment. When gum tissue becomes stained, it may also need a professional bleaching treatment. This bleaching treatment is not like tooth bleaching. There are no OTC gum bleaching kits, and the procedure requires a careful touch to protect your delicate gum tissue. We offer personalized black gums treatments that can treat tobacco-stained and discolored gums and restore your gums to their natural color. These treatments can include both topical bleaching treatments and minor surgical procedures similar to dermabrasionbased on your needs. The best candidate for cosmetic gum procedures includes those who have good dental health without any untreated gum disease. Contact us today to find out more or to schedule your appointment.


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