Is the Cost of Dental Implants Worth It?

Is the Cost of Dental Implants Worth It?The cost of dental implants is usually higher than the cost of other types of restorations, such as dental bridges or dentures, and many people wonder if that extra cost is worth it. The truth is that dental implants may be costlier initially, but they save money over time and better protect your long-term smile health. Bridges require healthy teeth to be permanently altered to support the crowns of the bridge, and the average lifespan of a bridge is about five to seven years. Some bridges can last longer if patients maintain them well. Dentures require regular readjustments. Neither bridges nor dentures can properly stimulate the jawbone, which means that the bone will deteriorate over time. Implants are designed to work just like your own teeth. They become incorporated into the jawbone, so they not only help preserve bone tissue but also are considered a permanent restoration. There will be no need to replace your implant every few years or have it adjusted. This makes dental implants a far more cost-effective restoration. Your total price of dental implants in Huntington Beach can vary based on the number of implants you need, the teeth that are being replaced and the types of restorations used. Call us now to make your appointment with our expert in dental implants in Huntington Beach.


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