How is Severe Sleep Apnea Treated?

How is Severe Sleep Apnea Treated?There are numerous devices and procedures available for treating sleep apnea, but before a treatment can be prescribed, our Northridge sleep apnea expert will first need to diagnose the severity of your condition. Sleep apnea can come in varying severities, and this will ultimately impact the kind of treatment you get. Some patients have sleep apnea that only interrupts their breathing a few times each night, but other people will have sleep apnea that is so severe, they will stop breathing hundreds of times a night.

The most effective treatment for sleep apnea is often considered to be CPAP therapy. You will need to wear a mask over your nose that is connected to a machine that gently blows air through your airways. This keeps them open throughout the night, allowing you to breathe easier. But if a CPAP machine does nothing, our expert in severe sleep apnea in Northridge may need to be treated with surgery.

Surgery for sleep apnea is often reserved as a last resort when other treatments have failed to produce results. There are various surgeries available, and the best one for you will depend on what exactly is causing the sleep apnea. Dental sedation will be provided to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.


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