Benefits of Regular Dental X-Rays

Benefits of Regular Dental X-RaysThe American Dental Association highly recommends scheduling dental examinations with your dentist once every six months. Some patients may need to see a dentist more or less frequency based on their exact condition. Patients who are in exceptionally good oral health can probably get away with seeing a dentist once a year, but you should talk with your dentist about this. Some patients who are at a greater risk of developing oral health problems may need to see a dentist more often. These people can include smokers, diabetics, or people who have a genetic predisposition to developing gum disease.

X-rays are highly beneficial because they can show areas of decay that would not normally be seen. They can also identify bone loss that is a result of gum disease. Issues like gum disease and tooth decay be start off as asymptomatic, so you may not even realize something is wrong, but a dentist can see that problems are starting to develop, so we can treat it before it gets any more severe.

Our expert in dental X-rays in Beverly Hills also takes X-rays for the preparation of dental implants, bridges, or other restorations. This allows us to design your new restoration perfectly.


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