Root Canal and Gum Infection

Root Canal and Gum InfectionWhen patients experience severe tooth decay or physical trauma, they often believe they are going to need the tooth to be pulled. But your natural tooth can often be saved through the use of a root canal treatment. As long as the infection is detected quickly enough, our root canal dentist in Los Angeles will be able to remove the infected tooth pulp and seal off the tooth to prevent another infection from developing.

Most patients worry about the pain they will experience during a root canal treatment, but this treatment is necessary to prevent even greater pain from leaving the infected tooth alone. Prior to treatment, patients report feeling a throbbing pain within the tooth as well as swelling in the gums. Our dentist will have to drill a hole in the tooth in order to remove the infected pulp, and then we can provide you with a dental filling or crown in order to strengthen the tooth and restore its proper shape and function.

During the procedure, you will be given a local anesthetic to prevent you from feeling any pain as a result of the treatment. Once the surgery is complete, our doctor will give you instructions on how to ensure a speedy and successful recovery.


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