Keeping Dentures Clean

Keeping Dentures CleanWhether your teeth have been replaced with full or partial dentures, your restoration needs to be taken care of to ensure that it remains effective. Once our dentists have given you your new dentures, you will also be given instructions on how you can take care of them.

After every meal, you should remove and rinse your dentures in order to wash away any food particles. Make sure to handle them carefully so that you do not damage the plastic or the clasps. Any remaining teeth and gum tissue will still be susceptible to decay and disease if they are not protected, so by removing bacteria from your dentures, you will also be helping the rest of your oral structures. You can clean your teeth and gums with a soft-bristled toothbrush to keep them clean.

Talk with your dentist about the best way to store your dentures overnight. Most dentists will recommend keeping them in water or a mild denture-soaking solution. In the morning, rinse your dentures with water before putting them back in your mouth. Most denture-soaking solutions contain chemicals that can be very irritating if swallowed. You should maintain regular appointments with your dentist so that we can make sure your dentures continue to fit properly.


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