Are There any Home Remedies for Sleep Apnea?

Are There any Home Remedies for Sleep Apnea?Although sleep apnea may seem like nothing more than a minor inconvenience since it is most commonly defined by loud, chronic snoring, it can lead to serious health complications. In order to determine what treatment is best for you, you will need to receive a proper diagnose from our sleep apnea doctors. If sleep apnea is not treated promptly, it can quickly lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

Some patients will prefer trying home remedies for sleep apnea before committing to any treatment. There are certain lifestyle changes you can make to your routine to reduce your sleep apnea symptoms. 70% of sleep apnea sufferers are either overweight or obese, so there is a clear link between physical health and sleep apnea. One of the ways you can improve your condition is to lose weight or exercise more. Some patients have achieved significant results by losing as little as ten pounds.

Other habits can also be used to treat your symptoms. Avoiding alcohol and tobacco can drastically improve the way you breathe at night. You should also avoid caffeine and large meals right before bedtime. And finally, you should stick to a regular sleeping schedule to help ensure that you get enough sleep each night.


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