When is it Best to Get White Fillings?

When is it Best to Get White Fillings?The option of white fillings might seem unnecessary for back teeth that are rarely seen by other people. It is completely safe, so it is always a smarter option than dangerous exposure caused by amalgam fillings. Patients that have existing amalgam are urged to have it safely removed and replaced with an alternate material. Our expert in white fillings in Canoga Park is able to create a restoration that matches the exact shade of healthy teeth so that any work is undetectable.

Composite resin that is used to complete the filling once decay is removed from the inside of teeth can also be bonded to the outside. It is a great option that our cosmetic dentist in Canoga Park uses regularly to repair damaged or discolored teeth for patients. As long as an actual crown is not necessary to repair major damage, white composite resin is a great solution for reinforcing the structure of one or multiple teeth. It is very versatile because it can be formed into any shape needed and it adheres securely to natural tooth material with very little difficulty. If you need to have any type of restoration, find out if tooth colored material is an available option for your dental work.
You can also ask us about Safe amalgam removal. We offer holistic dentistry, which helps reduce your exposure to toxic fumes while removing your old amalgam fillings. If you are interested in Safe Amalgam removal and holistic dentistry, contact one of our locations today to set up your free consultation so we can tell you a little more about Holistic Dentistry.


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