Are All Teens Candidates for Invisalign?


Many teenagers require orthodontic treatment, and for years the only way to correct malocclusions was with metal braces. But now there are various alternatives that can straighten your teeth while also giving you more discretion and comfort. One of these alternatives is Invisalign, a revolutionary new treatment that uses smooth, clear aligners that fit over your teeth to realign them. There is even a special type of Invisalign system called Invisalign Teen that is specifically designed with teenagers in mind.

Our expert in Invisalign Teen in Burbank designs each set of aligners with the Blue Dot Indicator so that the parents will know whether or not their teenager is wearing them. The blue dot will disappear as long as the aligners are worn for the necessary amount of time. Dentists suggest wearing the aligners between 20 and 22 hours each day. If you wear it any less, the blue dot will not disappear, and your dentist will know that you are not wearing them as recommended.

Aside from that, Invisalign Teen provides all the same benefits as traditional Invisalign. They are virtually invisible, so no one will be able to see them. And they are made of smooth plastic so that they will not scrape against the inside of your cheek while you are playing sports.


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