How are Same Day Crowns Made?

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Crowns once required at least two dental visits to complete. The first visit would consist of preparing the tooth. A root canal may have been performed followed by the shaping of the tooth. A temporary crown would protect the tooth from damage or sensitivity while the dental laboratory prepared the final crown. A patient could have to wait a few weeks before the final crown could be attached. Today, we have another option: same day crowns.

A same day crown can be placed almost as soon as the tooth has been prepared. We use the anesthetic to numb the tooth, and then we take a digital scan of the tooth. This scan acts as a digital impression that we use with our advanced programs to design your restoration. We can adjust the shape, size and even color of your crown right in our office. We use a special milling machine to sculpt the crown out of a single block of porcelain, and it can be bonded to your tooth as soon as it has been created. Call us to learn more or to schedule your consultation with our expert in same day crowns in Huntington Beach.


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