Periodontal Disease Symptoms

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Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is a common ailment that occurs when the gum tissue in a patient’s mouth becomes infected. Periodontal disease can occur in varying stages. The more mild case of the disease is known as gingivitis, and it can be treated with non-surgical treatments provided by our Los Angeles periodontics expert. But the more advanced stage of the disease is known as periodontitis, and real damage can occur if it is not treated promptly.

Your dentist will check for gum disease during every dental exam, and you will learn about the various periodontal disease symptoms for the early and advanced stages of the disease. The earlier signs of gum disease include redness, tenderness, and swelling in the gums. You may also experience bleeding gums when you brush and floss your teeth. The treatments for the early stages of periodontal disease include a professional dental cleaning and a scaling and root planing.

The more advanced symptoms of periodontal disease include gum recession, loosening of the teeth, and jaw bone deterioration. It is best to see a periodontist at the first sign of trouble so that permanent damage does not occur to the oral structures.


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