Even One Missing Tooth Affects Your Health and Happiness

Medications for Sleep ApneaPeople missing even one tooth are often self-conscious of their smile, as a person’s smile is the most important feature in making a first impression. Not only that, the functionality of your mouth is severely compromised if you can’t chew, speak or even feel comfortable without the tooth you’re missing. To make matters worse, if a tooth is not replaced with an implant or removable prosthetic, the other teeth will begin to drift out of their position and change the bite, which can promote tooth decay and gum disease. Fortunately, missing teeth can be replaced, and that is the primary focus of our Los Angeles periodontist.

Our dentist has several recommendations for patients that would like to replace a missing tooth or teeth:

• Implants
• Fixed Bridges
• Removable Partial(s) Dentures

Implants are surgically-placed screws that go in the upper or lower jawbones and act as a sturdy, reliable anchor for the replacement tooth or teeth. Made of titanium, or other materials easily-accepted by the body, these dental implants are an excellent choice for patients that are good candidates (nonsmokers, no unchecked systemic diseases, and adequate bone to support an implant). Implants are the most durable, and aesthetically pleasing option to replace natural teeth that are missing.

If you are interested in getting replacement teeth with dental implants, do not delay.


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