Are White Dental Fillings Better?

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When it comes to problems that can develop within your smile, cavities are the most common. Most people will have at least one cavity throughout their lifetime, and the good news is that they are pretty easy to treat. Dental fillings are minimally invasive, and you generally only need one appointment to get them. But you need to speak with your cosmetic dentist first to see what kind of restoration is best for you because dental fillings can be made out of various materials.

For years, dental fillings were only made out of gold or silver. And although these materials are very durable and will last a long time, they tend to stand out in your smile. If a tooth in the front of your mouth needs to be treated, a metal filling will darken that tooth. For this reason, many patients are interested in getting a white dental filling because it will blend in better with their smile.

White dental fillings are made out of porcelain, a non-porous substance that is difficult to stain. And porcelain is still very durable, so you can expect your filling to last quite a few years. So white dental fillings will last just as long and will provide more aesthetically pleasing results.


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