Estimated Cost of Dental Implants

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The cost of dental implants may vary considerably between patients, but an examination of the factors involved will show how an estimate can be determined. The type and number of dental implants ordered as well as the health and jaw bone mass of the patient can affect how much patients pay for this treatment from our Los Angeles dental implants doctor.

Treatment Variations and Estimated Cost

Dental implants can replace individual teeth, multiple teeth or even all of the teeth in the mouth. As the number of implants rises, the estimated cost of treatment will also increase. Different types of implants and crowns can also change the price.

Bone Grafting and Price

Patients with insufficient jaw bone mass will need bone grafting before they can receive implants. Bone grafting requires additional appointments and an extended healing period, and price can be expected to rise when it is necessary. Some patients may be able to avoid this cost by opting for mini implants depending on their eligibility.

Whatever the cost of dental implants, the value recipients get from it is unparalleled thanks to its versatility, performance and longevity. Patients who schedule a consultation with our dentist can find out about their options for cheap dental implants in Los Angeles.


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