The Importance of Wearing Retainer(s)


Many patients are reluctant to wear a retainer after having braces, but an orthodontist will stress that importance of wearing the retainer around the clock for a minimum of six months.

Retainers keep your teeth in the place they end up once the braces or Invisalign treatment ends. Remember, your teeth are constantly shifting throughout life, and are never in a fixed position. This is especially true if you needed extensive orthodontic work. Think of dental retainers as a way of protecting a likely-pricey investment, so you don’t need to go through a second course of orthodontic treatment later in life.

One tip: do not leave your retainer out in the open on a counter, on top of a napkin, or on a cafeteria tray. This is a very common way to break your retainer or lose it from throwing it away or forgetting about it. Instead, put the retainers in a special case and put it in the same place every time, such as a drawer in your bathroom at home, or if you are out of the house, but it in a purse or front pocket, inside the case.

Retainers are something you must wear indefinitely if you value having straight teeth that are easier to clean and less prone to infections or decay. Our Los Angeles orthodontist can provide you with more information.


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