Can Dental Veneers Cover Gaps?

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Dental veneers present a fast, effective way to cover unsightly gaps between teeth. Although bonding can also be used for this purpose, it generally does not last as long as veneers can. When used for gap concealment, veneers also hide any other flaws present at the same time.

How Veneers Cover Gaps

Gaps are concealable with veneers for multiple reasons. When the position of the teeth involved is the only reason for the gap, placing the veneers closer together can essentially close the gap. Veneers can also resolve this issue by hiding irregular tooth shapes.

Veneers Versus Alternatives

Orthodontics and crowns can also be used to correct or conceal gaps, respectively, but veneers may be preferable to those solutions in some cases. Compared to braces, veneers are faster and more affordable when the problem is purely cosmetic. Veneers are also easier to place and less costly compared to crowns, which cover the entirety of teeth rather than just their fronts.

The versatility of veneers is demonstrated by the ability of this procedure to hide gaps. Whether spacing is only a problem between one pair of teeth or all of the teeth visible in a smile, veneers can reliably restore appearance. Patients can learn more about how this treatment works at a consultation with our Beverly Hills Dental Veneers expert.


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