Pros and Cons of Zoom Whitening

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Zoom whitening is a modern option for patients who want to clear stains from their teeth. This procedure has several advantages but can also have some potential disadvantages for certain patients. By learning about the pros and cons of Zoom whitening, patients can better choose the right option to enhance their smile.

Pros of Zoom Whitening

The fast treatment time of Zoom whitening, taking less than an hour, is a major benefit for busy patients. The use of multiple rounds of whitening in a single session is another advantage for patients who want to maximize their results from each appointment. Zoom whitening can also be used repeatedly to increase its effects.

Cons of Zoom Whitening

Zoom whitening has no downsides that set it apart from other whitening options offered by our cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills. Like other whitening treatments, Zoom may cause some tooth sensitivity and gum irritation afterwards, but these side effects disappear rapidly.

Zoom whitening is designed to bleach teeth and cannot address discoloration that is inside of teeth. If patients experience tooth sensitivity afterwards, our dentist can apply fluoride to help the teeth recover more quickly. Patients can schedule a consultation with our expert in Zoom whitening in Beverly Hills to learn more about this procedure.


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