How Dental Bridges Replace Lost Teeth

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Dental bridge is a very straightforward term. It is primarily a replacement tooth meant to occupy the space where a permanent tooth was lost. It is aided by a pair of crowns for the teeth to either side of the gap left by the missing tooth. These teeth to either side of the gap are called abutment teeth. The false tooth is made from any of several materials, like gold or porcelain.

Three types of dental bridges are common: traditional, cantilever, and Maryland bonded. Which one your dentist installs will depend on the nature of your missing tooth or teeth. The traditional bridge is the most common and consists of crowns for the abutment teeth, and a false tooth made of either porcelain or ceramic. The cantilever bridge is less common and is used in the case of only one abutment tooth. The Maryland bonded bridge can be made of plastic, and is bonded to the abutment teeth using metal or porcelain.

During the first session, your Agoura Hills dentist will modify your abutment teeth very slightly to accommodate their new crowns. An impression will be taken and construction of the exact model will begin. You will wear a temporary bridge while your mold is being constructed. After its completion and installation, you may need to return a few times for modification. But your smile will be well on its way back to normal.


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