Are Braces Effective for Adults?


Braces can transform the appearance of most recipients, while also making them less prone to oral health problems and discomfort. Since orthodontic treatment has most commonly been seen in younger patients, modern adults are increasingly getting braces to achieve the same benefits. Numerous options exist for straightening the teeth of adults, and the results can last for a lifetime.

Effectiveness Is Similar for Adults and Children

Braces can correct the teeth of children and teens more quickly, because they are still growing and their jaws can be easily manipulated in achieving the proper growth. Yet, orthodontic treatment also works well for adults. In patients of all ages, braces help reposition the teeth, so that the ligaments eventually hold the teeth in their new positions permanently.

Adults Have Plenty of Options

Adults who are interested in treating their crooked, misshapen, gapped, or crowded teeth with braces can often choose from a number of treatments. In addition to traditional metal braces, several discreet options are available. Lingual braces that are attached behind the teeth, and ceramic braces, which are tooth colored or translucent, are two popular options. Invisalign Full is increasingly considered the most desirable option currently, as it is completely clear and is designed specifically for patients whose jaws have finished maturing.

By decreasing susceptibility to oral health problems of all kinds, braces also potentially save patients money on future dental care. Patients can schedule a consultation with our expert in braces for adults in San Pedro to learn more about how effective orthodontics can be for them.


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