Use of Dentures for Replacing Teeth


Dentures are typically used when all of the teeth in the jaw have been lost. These removable appliances restore the smile and the ability to eat and speak comfortably. Our West Hollywood dentist may recommend dentures if you have lost all of your teeth due to injury, tooth decay or gum disease.

A few types of dentures are available, including:

• Conventional dentures, which are made and placed only after the teeth have been extracted and the oral tissues have healed
• Immediate dentures, which can be placed right after the teeth are removed
• Overdentures, which are used when some teeth remain and can be used to support the denture

Your dentures may feel awkward for a while when you first get them. You will need to wear them according to our expert’s recommendations to identify any areas that need further adjustment. Once your cheek and tongue muscles adapt to holding the dentures in place, you are likely to feel more comfortable.

Keeping your dentures clean is as important to your dental health as brushing and flossing is with natural teeth. You will also need to continue brushing your gums, palate, tongue and other oral surfaces to remove plaque or debris. This will reduce your risk of infections or other future problems. Call us today to find out more or to schedule an appointment with our expert in dentures in West Hollywood.


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