How to Keep Dental Crowns Intact

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Dental crowns can last many years if treated with the right care. Most dental crowns have a lifespan of between 10 and 15 years. After our cosmetic dentist in West Hollywood places your crown, we will explain the best ways to take care of your new crown and how to keep it looking and feeling like new.

1. Wear and tear
Crowns should be able to withstand everyday tasks such as chewing and biting without any problem, but if you suffer from bruxism or have a dental injury, your crown may be more likely to become damaged. Protecting your crown by using night guards for bruxism, or mouth guards for contact sports, can reduce the risk of accidental damage.

2. Dental hygiene
It is vital to use care while brushing and flossing around the crown. Even though the porcelain cannot decay, plaque and bacteria can accumulate around the border between the crown and tooth. Decay in the underlying tooth can weaken the bond between the crown and tooth, and because you are unable to clean under the crown, it can lead to severe decay if you are not careful.

3. Dental disease
Tooth decay and gum disease may shorten the life of a dental crown. Good dental care is critical to managing your risk of dental disease.

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