Tips for Children Wearing Braces

Family sitting outdoors smiling

Braces can give kids a lifetime of better-looking teeth, a more comfortable smile and even stronger dental health. Still, this treatment may present a few challenges for younger patients. Here are some tips for children who are wearing braces.

Choose snacks that will not damage braces.

Children frequently snack between meals to support their rapid growth. Unfortunately, some foods can actually break brackets loose during orthodontic treatment. Kids should eat cold foods with caution, such as ice cream. Very hard foods and chewy candies, such as pork rinds, taffy and gum, should be avoided completely.

Use rubber bands to customize appearance.

Braces can make children feel self-conscious, but the right rubber band colors can turn treatment into an opportunity for expression. Whether kids want to display the colors of their favorite sports team or simply their favorite colors, our dentist can provide the colors necessary to do so.

Once active correction ends and retainer use begins, kids should wear the retainer for the required number of hours every day. Daily brushing and flossing with regular checkups will help ensure that tooth decay and gum disease do not develop during orthodontic treatment. Parents can schedule a consultation with our expert in braces for children in Torrance to learn more tips.


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