Age Range of Invisalign Candidates

Junge Frau setzt lächelnd Zahnspange in den Mund

Invisalign really is for everyone. That is, everyone who has all their adult teeth and is not in periodontal crisis. Officially, there is no lower or upper age limit for Invisalign patients. All it takes to be a good candidate is a mouth that is mature, but not too mature.

Invisalign has been prescribed for children as young as 10, as well as for adults in their 80s. From a periodontics point of view, the optimal window for Invisalign would be between the ages of 15 and 50. The reasons for this window are because patients younger than 15 often have not had all their adult teeth erupt, while patients older than 50 simply have more gum or bone issues. At both ends, pre-existing health is the best metric for success.

Our expert in Invisalign in Pasadena will assert that for older patients, a primary concern is the contribution of untreated bite issues related to symptoms of TMD, or temporomandibular disorder. If your bite is irregular, it is possible you do not chew properly, and thus risk gastrointestinal problems. There is no need to worry, however. Dental aesthetics are a perfectly acceptable reason to want Invisalign, no matter how old you are.

If you have age-related questions about your Invisalign candidacy, call to set up an appointment with our cosmetic dentist in Pasadena.


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