Oral Surgery and When It is Needed

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Most dental issues can be addressed through conservative means, but some dental problems may need to be addressed through oral surgery. We may suggest surgery if you have:

• Infected or decayed teeth
Severely diseased or damaged teeth may need to be surgically removed to reduce the risk of damage or infection to other teeth.

• Problematic wisdom teeth
Wisdom teeth that are impacted, crowding other teeth or otherwise threatening your dental health may need to be extracted.

• Abnormal jaw growth
Some types of jawbone issues can be corrected by orthodontics, but surgery may be needed in some cases.

• Periodontal disease
Periodontal disease may be treated by pocket reduction surgery, tissue grafts and other surgical procedures.

• Dental implants
Implants are placed in a minor surgical procedure, but some patients may need additional surgeries to stabilize the implants and improve treatment outcomes.

• Facial injuries
Facial trauma may be corrected with surgery.

• Sleep apnea
If conservative treatments are not effective, patients with sleep apnea may benefit from sleep apnea surgery.

• Oral infections or abscesses
Endodontic treatment or root canal is a type of dental surgery that is used to remove the infected tissue from inside the tooth while protecting the overall structure and function of the tooth.

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