Can All Dentists Provide Invisalign?

Dentist office

Invisalign is a high-tech treatment process that straightens teeth using a series of plastic aligners instead of brackets and wires. Since it compares to braces fundamentally, both dentists and orthodontists are qualified to use Invisalign. There are various levels of provision based on education and the numbers of confirmed cases, but the moving of teeth can be undertaken professionally by any credentialed doctor.

If you are unsure whether to insist an orthodontist oversee your Invisalign treatment, know that orthodontists are specialists in tooth movement and dentofacial orthopedics. Their qualifications, with three years of additional education earned, are beyond those of a dentist. Orthodontists can fully diagnose different kinds of malocclusion and facial irregularity, as well as being up to date on all current appliances and therapies.

Again, dentists who are not orthodontists can still prescribe Invisalign. Doctors are authorized to do so also, as long as all relevant personnel have completed the necessary training.

It is important to remember that Invisalign is merely a technology, and not all doctors will with it in the same way. If you have an advanced case of orthodontia, you may benefit from the extra knowledge of an orthodontist. Although, an orthodontist who has less experience with Invisalign may not necessarily be of better use to you when compared to a dentist who is not an orthodontist but who has handled more Invisalign patients.

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