Is Gum Bleaching Permanent?

Beautiful smiling woman .

If you have dark gum tissue, you may be curious about the effectiveness of gum lightening treatments. These treatments often use topical bleaching agents, dermabrasion or a combination of the two to remove naturally dark tissue, discolorations and stains from gums. Our team offers patented treatments that can permanently lighten the color of your gums.

Patients with black gums often feel embarrassed about their smiles. The dark tissue can detract from the look of the teeth or the overall appearance of the smile. When we treat your gum discolorations, the results are permanent. Therefore, after a single treatment your gums will be lighter and pinker. They will have a smooth, pink, attractive appearance that frames your teeth beautifully. You will be able to eat and drink normally right after treatment, and no complications have been associated with our techniques.

Once your gums have been lightened, you can expect your new smile to last a lifetime. Natural discolorations will not return, since the lightening treatment is permanent. Call us today to learn more about our gum bleaching treatments or to schedule your consultation.


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