Best Candidates for Dentures

Senior Couple Enjoying Snack At Outdoor Café

Contrary to popular belief, false teeth are not just for the elderly. Younger people who have lost multiple teeth due to injury, infection, or malnutrition can also be candidates. Even just one or two missing teeth can affect the performance of your remaining teeth, so getting the right replacement can do wonders for your dental health. They may require the support of dentures in order to do this.

It is important to review the different kinds of false teeth, and to whom they apply. For patients who have lost multiple teeth, there are partial dentures available. Typically these are designed to integrate fully with your natural teeth for the best-looking smile. For patients who have lost all of their teeth, there are complete dentures. Impressions are first taken of the gums so that custom-fit or exact replicas of your teeth are made. Sometimes, complete dentures will need to be altered as your mouth grows to accommodate them.

If you are a diabetic, then you will not be able to wear dentures full-time, as your condition makes you liable for gum irritation. If you have any another medical condition, you will need to ask your doctor if false teeth can work for you before beginning treatment. Yet, if you have pre-existent health, you are probably a candidate for false teeth, no matter your age. For more, schedule a consult with our dentist in West Hollywood.


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