Best Candidates for Snap-on Smile

For those of you looking to improve your smile, there are many cosmetic dental procedures that are currently available. Most of these procedures are permanent, and that does not always work for everyone, though. Many cosmetic dentists now offer an affordable alternative to permanent dental work in the form of the Snap-on Smile.

Who exactly is a candidate for the Snap-on Smile? The Snap-on Smile is perfect for anyone that suffers from a dental phobia. No drills, shots, or removal of any enamel from the surface of your teeth needs to take place with this solution. An accurate impression and a bite registration of the teeth are all that is required to be fit for the Snap-on Smile. The Snap-on Smile fits over your existing teeth, so the patient and doctor will choose the shade and shape to match the teeth together. Patients who are considering a more permanent restorative procedure like veneers can use the Snap-on Smile to test out their new look before committing to anything.

The Snap-on Smile also works well for patients who have certain medical conditions that make permanent dental work prohibitive. Such patients include those who have received chemotherapy or radiation. The Snap-on Smile can sometimes even be used as a periodontal splint for patients suffering from periodontal disease.

If you are interested in learning if Snap-on Smile is the right choice for your cosmetic dental needs, please call our office to set up a consultation with our expert in Snap-on Smile in Los Angeles.


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