Purpose of Gum Grafting and When It is Required

A gum graft is a surgical periodontal procedure that is used to cover the exposed roots of teeth. It may also be needed to stop the progression of periodontal disease, or to protect sensitive roots. If you are a candidate for a gum graft, our expert in periodontics in Los Angeles will take tissues from another part of the mouth and graft it into the gumline where the natural tissues are inadequate. In some cases, a synthetic material is used to stimulate the growth of natural tissues. We can help you decide which procedure is best for your needs.

The gum graft may be completed in just one appointment, and it will be protected by a special covering. You may need to eat a soft diet and take special precautions when brushing and flossing to avoid disrupting the healing tissues, though. In most cases, the newly grafted tissues will be fully healed in about four to six weeks. Grafts can protect the roots of the teeth, but they can also reduce the risk of tooth loss. After your gums have healed, you may need to have periodic periodontal maintenance cleanings, which removes plaque and tartar buildup to reduce the risk of recurrence. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our expert in gum grafting in Los Angeles.


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