Invisalign Costs to Consider

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There are several considerations you will want to keep in mind when making plans to address your cost for Invisalign in Los Angeles. Traditional braces require the attachment of brackets to your teeth, through which an archwire is then threaded. In place of all that metal, Invisalign uses clear trays that are worn over your teeth. These aligners are less noticeable and removable, which makes them popular with patients and dentists alike.

Costs can vary quite a bit depending on your needs, your location, your dentist’s skill, and the complexity of your case. If your dental insurance covers orthodontic treatment, it will most likely also cover Invisalign at a rate equal to that of braces. This may be up to 50 percent of the total cost for services.
The number of aligners you need will affect your price, but the dental X-rays, images, and other records are usually included in the final price. You will be required to change your aligners about every two weeks. Furthermore, you will need to visit us about every six weeks. These visits are generally included in the final cost. If you require special attachments, dental extractions, or reduction, you may incur some additional costs. We can provide you with an estimate of your potential costs at the time of your appointment. Call us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation with our Los Angeles orthodontics expert.


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