Treatment Options for Gum Disease

Gorgeous young woman with necklace smiling

Gum disease, also known as periodontitis, can be subtle and even asymptomatic. If you do not observe a regular dental schedule, you may not know you have it. Therefore, it is always best to avoid trouble down the line by attending regular dental appointments. At our Van Nuys dental office, we are able to catch many periodontal symptoms early enough to offset it with just a professional dental cleaning.

Gum disease is believed to be more effectively treated with minimal invasion. However, when inflammation or infection proceeds past the early stages, the dentist may want to remove amounts of plaque and tartar that have built up above and below the gum line. This non-surgical treatment is called scaling and root planing.

For more advanced cases, surgery may be necessary. Our expert in gum disease in Van Nuys may need to lift up the gum tissue to sanitize beneath it. Our expert may also need to perform a bone or soft tissue graft, necessarily when the gumline has begun to erode. For the procedure, bone or tissue is taken from elsewhere on the body, or occasionally from a donor, and is used to reinforce the damaged area.

For more information on periodontal conditions and how to minimize your risk, schedule a consult at our dental office.


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