What Lumineers are Made of

What are Lumineers and how do they differ from other dental veneers? These are two very common questions from patients looking into veneers or Lumineers as a cosmetic treatment. It is helpful to remember that Lumineers are a highly specialized product. They perform the same task as standard veneers, but with increased functionality and higher esthetics. This is mainly done by their extreme thinness. Lumineers are 0.3 millimeters thin, as opposed to the typical thinness of 0.5 millimeters in regular veneers.

Lumineers are made of a porcelain composite, similar to regular veneers. However, the porcelain in Lumineers is mixed with a tough-acting resin cement for increased durability. Adhesive glue then rounds out the formula. At the base, the porcelain in Lumineers is made from feldspar and leucite crystals. Feldspar was initially a factor in making dentures, while leucite is from potassium and aluminum.

Due to the high density of the leucite crystals, Lumineers are able to last twenty years or longer. They are as thin as contact lenses, but bolster the appearance and vitality of natural teeth. Upon being approved for treatment, the Los Angeles Lumineers specialist will bond the veneers directly to your teeth. Little to no alteration of tooth structure is necessary beforehand.

For more information regarding Lumineers or veneers, contact our dental group.


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