How Long Does Getting Dental Implants Take?

Dental implants installation can move across a few different timelines, depending on the nature of your case and decisions made by your doctor.

Typically, it is a three-stage process. The first of these involves actually sinking the implant into the jawbone, and includes any bone grafting that may be necessary. After this procedure, osseointegration begins, which can take up to six months.

The second stage of your implant installation involves fitting an abutment for the implant, inside the jaw. The second stage can be combined with stage one in some cases, again depending on what our expert in dental implants in Pasadena has mapped out for you.

You will have worn temporary prosthetics throughout, but the third and final stage actually gets you your implants, after they are crafted exclusively for you in the laboratory. Your doctor will ensure the implants match in fit, shape, and color based on the impression taken earlier.

As you can see, committing to dental implants is a methodical string of carefully planned events, allowing your body to adjust and evolve. But the actual work done in the chair typically takes only 1-2 hours per session. Remember there is not much post-operative care required, as dental implants installation is minimally invasive and leaves no open wounds.

For more, contact our Pasadena dentist.


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