What Braces Can Do

Braces are still seen as a rite of passage for a lot of adolescents, who still agree to months or years of metal in their mouths in exchange for a better, healthier smile. It may seem like a clichéd treatment, but braces still work incredibly well against orthodontic trouble.

Also, advances in the industry have made braces much more aesthetic, not to mention more comfortable. Braces are not just metal anymore, and are regularly applied to the back of teeth for less visibility.

Teeth that are crooked, rotated, or misaligned can be difficult to clean properly. This leads to expanded bacteria, and increased chances of mouthwide decay. Deeper than that, if you have bruxism or malocclusion, or other issues with jaw or bite alignment, you could be at risk for chronic pain, or problems that affect chewing, speaking, or even breathing.

Braces straighten teeth using a schedule of applied pressure. At each appointment, your expert in braces in Pasadena tightens the arch wires that hold the brackets in place. Observing oral hygiene and the altered diet agreed upon by you and your specialist will ensure your braces stay on a linear timeline toward success. Remember, it is not just straighter teeth braces provide. They are also a corrective for lifelong discomfort.

For more, contact our dentist in Pasadena.


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