When are Endodontic Treatments Needed?

Endodontic treatment includes root canal therapy and root canal surgery. These procedures involve removing infections from inside teeth, relieving pain and saving those teeth as a result. A variety of issues may necessitate endodontic treatment, and several advantages follow.

For infections to occur inside of teeth, the enamel protecting those teeth must first be breached. This can happen because of physical trauma, such as from an accident, or because of longstanding tooth decay. Symptoms associated with such an infection include mounting pain, inflammation and even abscess. If allowed to progress, this infection can enter the blood stream and become systemic, requiring hospitalization.

Once our dentist in San Francisco has performed endodontic treatment, patients can keep their formerly infected teeth. This brings numerous benefits, including preservation of appearance, chewing ability and comfort and prevention of jaw damage from loss of tooth roots. At the same time, patients can avoid needing potentially expensive tooth replacements, such as dental implants.

Modern anesthesia and sedation options make endodontic treatment as easy to tolerate as common fillings. To learn more about when endodontic treatment becomes necessary, patients can schedule a consultation with our endodontist in San Francisco.


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