When is Sedation Dentistry Recommended?

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Sedation dentistry is often mistaken for general anesthesia, like for a surgical procedure. In most cases, this is not how sedation dentistry works. It is intended as relaxation aid, to calm phobic patients and make them more docile for the dentist. It is very rarely the same as being utterly tranquilized, the prospect of which could bring up a whole new set of trust issues in the patient.

Why are patients phobic? Some people had an unpleasant experience in childhood, and avoided the dentist thereafter. Others react harshly to the noise of the equipment, or to the lighting in the dental office. And as routine as almost all dentistry has become, there are still many patients who refuse to believe their life is not in danger because they need root canals. As our expert in sedation dentistry in Agoura Hills will tell you, sedation dentistry exists for these irrational but common fears.

There are essentially three forms of sedation dentistry: inhalation, oral, and intravenous. Inhalation uses what is commonly known as “laughing gas” to inhibit nervousness and ensure the patient feels no need to stop the procedure. Oral sedation uses standard benzos to induce a pleasant state of drowsiness. Finally, intravenous sedation is for any patient who wishes to retain little to no memory of the experience. She will be injected with enough sedative to effectively leave key brain areas neutralized.

Contact your dentists in Agoura Hills to discuss sedation dentistry.


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