Veneers Side Effects

Veneers offer permanent aesthetic concealment when placed correctly, but certain side effects can occur when they are placed improperly. These include teeth sensitivity and decay in treated teeth. Here is a deeper look at these side effects and how they occur.

Tooth Decay Behind and Around Veneers

Veneers must be sized and positioned precisely not only for cosmetic reasons but also for prevention of dental problems. Otherwise, cavities can develop underneath veneers and along their margins. Chipping can also happen at the margins, opening the door to decay if the dentin is exposed.

Teeth Sensitivity

Some enamel must be removed to make way for veneers. This can cause temporary sensitivity under normal circumstances, but longer-lasting sensitivity could result if too much of the enamel is removed. For teeth in which sensitivity is already present, crowns may be recommended as an alternative.

Patients can help their veneers last longer and minimize their risk of experiencing problems by taking certain steps. These steps include preventing teeth grinding and avoiding very hard foods and sources of discoloration. Home dental hygiene, including daily brushing and flossing, and regular check-ups are also essential. At a consultation with our dental veneers dentist in Los Angeles, patients can learn more about possible side effects of veneers and how those issues are prevented.


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