When to Whiten Your Teeth

Before going ahead with teeth whitening, you should have a dental x-ray. As your dentist is your first stop anyway, an x-ray can better source the staining. Excessive decay or even an abscess can result in tooth discoloration, and if these are at fault then you need other kinds of treatment.

But if your teeth are relatively healthy and you just drink too many dark things, there are several remedies. Again, you should make any whitening decision in consultation with our expert in teeth whitening in Van Nuys. Size of teeth and amount of root exposure are factors that can discourage teeth whitening—smaller teeth do not benefit as much from whitening, for example.

Did you know teeth have pores? These can hold stains. There is also what is known as intrinsic stains, which can be caused by an excess of fluoride or by tetracycline antibiotics. Teeth whitening is less effective against intrinsic stains.

For extrinsic stains, you can bleach at home using take-home trays, or you can trust over-the-counter products like whitening strips, which tend to take longer than more professional care but are nicer to your budget. There are also several home remedies of varying integrity, such as eating lots of crunchy produce or combining baking soda with lemon juice.
Many people prefer the most advanced option, which is in-office whitening. This is done by our cosmetic dentists in Van Nuys using a hydrogen-peroxide gel and a special UV light.


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