Do Tooth Whitening Trays Work?

Teeth whitening trays consist of mouth trays and a bleaching gel or solution. The gel is placed in the tray, and then the tray is worn for a specified period. Over time, teeth will lighten several shades. Most whitening treatments are considered safe when used as directed, but effectiveness and results can vary.

How can you get the most out of your teeth whitening tray experience? First, schedule a dental consultation. This ensures your teeth and gums are as healthy as possible before you begin the whitening process. We may also recommend a cleaning, which removes any buildup so that the whitening solution can penetrate more evenly.

For the most effective results, you may need a custom-fit mouth trays. We use dental impressions of your teeth to create a mouth tray that hugs the curves of your teeth to maximize contact between them and the whitening solution and minimize the risk of gum irritation. These trays can be used with professional strength bleaching agents, which lighten your teeth in a fraction of the time of other treatments.

If you just want a little lightening, OTC whitening trays may be an option. If you are interested in a more dramatic white or if time is an issue, prescription products may be the better choice. Call us today to find the best whitening solution for your needs or to schedule your appointment with our tooth whitening doctor in Los Angeles.


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