What is Dental Sedation?


Dental sedation is the general name given to a wide range of processes done to help keep patients calm and relaxed during a dental procedure. This can come in different forms depending on the procedure being performed and the needs of the patient. The two most common forms our dentist in Glendale uses are these:

Nitrous Oxide – This option is often referred to as “laughing gas” and when a mask is placed over the nose, the recipient is immediately put into a relaxed state. It is a mixture of the gas and oxygen and the strength can be adjusted by the dentist. Of the options available for sedation dentistry, using this will allow you to drive yourself home afterward because the effects wear off as soon as the dentist removes the mask.

Oral Sedation – This is use when a greater level of sedation is needed, usually as a preference of the patient. These pills are typically taken before you arrive at the dental office and require you to be driven to and from the office.

During some procedures, like the removal of all four wisdom teeth at once, the patient is put under a deeper level of sedation where they are completely asleep.

If you have a lot of dental anxiety, contact our sedation dentist in Glendale to be relaxed while in our care.


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