When are Mini Dental Implants Used?

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Mini dental implants can be used in many of the same ways as traditional dental implants. Unlike traditional dental implants, an invasive surgery is not required to place mini dental implants. Furthermore, mini dental implants do not require the patient to have as much strength and density in their jawbones, eliminating the need for bone graft surgery.

Mini dental implants are most often used for patients that could benefit from having dental implants placed, but do not have enough strength and density in their jawbone to support traditional implants. Many of the times, mini dental implants are used to secure dentures. Mini dental implant-supported dentures can take the form of either fixed bridges or removable overdentures. Fixed bridges stay permanently in place, while overdentures are removable. Dentures that are supported with mini dental implants offer patients a more secure fit than conventional dentures, making eating and speaking much easier.

Mini dental implants can also be used to replace single teeth. In cases where the tooth has one root, only one mini dental implant is necessary. Because they are smaller than traditional implants, two mini dental implants are required to support teeth that have two roots.

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