How Traditional Braces Work

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Traditional braces have stayed popular even as alternatives have emerged over the years. With metal brackets and wires, these braces may be less visually pleasing but are especially effective for most patients. Here is a look at how this treatment works.

Before starting treatment with traditional braces, patients visit our dentist in East Los Angeles to have bite impressions and photos taken of their teeth. Our dentist uses these to design the treatment that follows. At the first appointment, the brackets and wires are bonded to the fronts of the teeth with dental cement. Wires are threaded through those brackets and tightened to begin the process of moving the teeth. At regular visits, our dentist tightens the wires further to continue correcting the tooth positions. After nine months to two years or more, depending on the patient, treatment is complete. Our dentist then removes the brackets and wires and gives patients retainers to wear so that their results last.

Traditional braces are an option for a majority of adults and children who need bite correction. Furthermore, their affordability can make them appealing for budget-minded patients. At a consultation with our expert in braces in East Los Angeles, patients can find out if traditional braces are right for them.


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