Most Common Uses of Dental Veneers

Pure beauty

At their most basic, dental veneers, also commonly called porcelain veneers, are a cosmetic restoration that covers the surface of a tooth. Obviously, this is not done just for fun, but there are instead a number of common uses for which our dental veneers dentist in Agoura Hills uses them.

Most Common Uses

• Discolored teeth
Patients with an otherwise perfect smile might have discoloration or uneven coloring of teeth that does not respond to whitening treatments because they are the result of genetics, medication use like tetracycline, or over-fluoridation called fluorosis.

• Misshapen teeth
Some patients have teeth that are not uniform in shape or size, with uneven bumps or divots that cannot easily be fixed by bonding and where crowns would be overkill.

• Minor gaps
Veneers are able to hide small gaps between teeth in just two visits compared to months or years with orthodontics.

• Small teeth
While this can also occasionally be done with gum contouring alone, for people with genuinely small teeth and a gummy smile can undergo crown lengthening along with veneers to make their smile appear bigger.

• Uneven bite line
While orthodontics can usually address this issue, some people have teeth that do not touch each other evenly when the mouth is closed, with some teeth being a little higher than others. Veneers can even these out.

Learn more about dental veneers from our Agoura Hills dentist by scheduling a consultation.


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