Steps in Smile Makeovers

Pure beauty

The term “smile makeover” is a catch-all phrase to mean any number of cosmetic and orthodontic treatments. As a result, because the solutions are highly dependent on the needs and interests of the patient, these are some of things you should think about and be aware of.

• Step 1: Think about and write down your objectives.
Do you want individual teeth repaired, including replacement of metal and old fillings or crowns? Do you want your teeth lightened? Do your teeth need straightening, bite adjustments, gaps filled, or other orthodontic work done? Do you need teeth replaced or have a gummy smile?

• Step 2: Consider what treatments you are willing to undergo.
Are you willing to wear braces, or would you like more discreet alternatives? If you are unwilling to undergo orthodontics because the time commitment, would you consider veneers or gum contouring? Do you want dental implants, bridges, or partial or full dentures?

• Step 3: Consult with our smile makeover dentist in Agoura Hills.
At a consultation, discuss with the dentist all of the concerns you want addressed from Step 1 and ask their opinion about your preferences in Step 2. The dentist will give you a lot to think about at this point, providing suggestions and different options for addressing each and every concern and give you a price estimate for each one.

• Step 4: Make a decision.
Then it will be your turn to make a final decision, which the dentist will follow as much as medically possible.

• Step 5: Start the process
Our Agoura Hills cosmetic dentist will then make a tailor-made dental treatment plan and design it to do things in the best order possible to maximize results and reduce the time it takes to undergo the entire process.


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