What are CAD/CAM Crowns Made of?

CAD/CAM crowns are an incredible development in dental technology. Known in long-hand form as computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing, this process is done with the use of a 3-D dental impression being made of a mouth. Using proprietary software, the desired restoration is then created digitally by our San Francisco cosmetic dentist.

The digital image is then turned into a physical object by a specially designed milling machine. This is done from a solid block of material and will finally be fitted to the tooth or teeth receiving the restoration.

Same day crowns can even be made from similar materials. The material chosen is largely dependent on where the crown is being placed and the desires of the patient. While metal alloy crowns from the likes of chrome and cobalt can be created, most patients choose to use a tooth-colored restoration. These can be made from composite resin or from ceramic. A subtle glaze is then added to the crown to give it the look of a natural tooth.

Incredibly, because our expert in CAD/CAM crowns in San Francisco is able to make these from the same materials as traditional ones, they are equally durable and reliable.


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