What Makes Kor Whitening Different?


Kor whitening is a innovative tooth whitening product offered by our Agoura Hills cosmetic dentist that has a number of features that sets it apart from the alternative solutions. Here is a quick look at some of those differences.
Perhaps the most innovative feature of Kor whitening is the fact that they refrigerate the product from the very moment it is manufactured until it arrives at the dental office. Doing so helps the whitening gel retain its potency to a far greater extent than alternative treatments.

Deeper and Brighter Results

Because Kor is applied for hours at a time, it is able to work on teeth at a much deeper level. As a result, even patients suffering from tetracycline discoloration have seen improvement of color beyond 20 shades lighter, an unparalleled result.


Kor whitening is the only product that recognizes that one size does not fit all. While some products are just at-home solutions and others are only chair-side, Kor recognizes that the best results come from a combination of both. Not only will the stronger solution be applied during a chair-side office visit to our expert in Kor whitening in Agoura Hills, but it also has take-home treatment solutions that you do on your own. Moreover, because the at-home treatment solution uses a custom-fit mouth tray to administer the whitening gel, the product is far safer than most alternatives.


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