What is the Difference between Invisalign Full and Express?

Many people know by now that Invisalign offers an invisible and removable alternative to orthodontic treatment with metal braces. What you may not know is that Invisalign also offers a special form of their treatment called Invisalign Express. While the physics behind Invisalign Full and Invisalign Express work exactly the same, there are some differences between the two treatments.

Each treatment uses clear plastic aligners in order to bring teeth into proper alignment. Each set of aligners is worn for two weeks at a time before being replaced with a new set of aligners. Each new set is designed to incrementally move your teeth one step closer to your overall treatment goal. Treatment with Invisalign Full generally requires between 20 and 30 aligners in order to move teeth into the correct position. In order to qualify for treatment with Invisalign Express, though, your treatment must be able to be completed by our Los Angeles Invisalign doctor in 10 stages of aligners or less. This is because Invisalign Express is designed for patients with only minor crowding or spacing issues, whereas Invisalign Full is able to treat a much wider range of orthodontic issues. Other requirements for qualifying for Invisalign Express include having less than two millimeters of crowding or spacing per arch, requiring only minimal tooth rotation, requiring less than two millimeters of midline correction, and requiring less than 1.5 millimeters of dental expansion per arch.

If you would like to know which version of Invisalign would work best for your treatment needs, contact our expert in Invisalign Express in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation.


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