Common Reasons for Tooth Pain

You bite into an icy popsicle or take a sip of hot coffee and cringe with a loud exclamation of “Ow!” What happened? You have a painful tooth. What causes tooth pain? In most cases, a sore tooth is not a sign of a more serious problem, but it can be. If your tooth hurts, our Huntington Beach dentist can help you spot the cause and recommend a treatment to relieve the discomfort.

  1. Enamel erosion or a receding gum line
    One of the most common causes of tooth pain, enamel erosion and a receding gum line can be linked to several factors. Getting relief may be as easy as switching your toothpaste to one that is designed to combat sensitivity. More serious cases may require dental bonding or fluoride treatments.
  1. A cavity
    A cavity occurs when the tooth structure is damaged by decay. A filling will stop the pain and the progression of the decay.


  1. A lost or damaged restoration
    A lost or damaged filling or crown can leave sensitive parts of the tooth exposed. Replacing the restoration will protect the tooth.


  1. An infected or abscessed tooth
    Infection inside the tooth can lead to severe pain that worsens when you lie down or put pressure on the tooth. Root canal therapy will generally be followed by the placement of a crown.


  1. A cracked or broken tooth
    Dental injuries can expose or irritate the nerve of the tooth, or they can lead to gum irritation and pain. A root canal and crown may be needed to restore and protect the tooth.

Once we determine the source of your pain, we can treat the problem and eliminate the pain. Call us today to find out more or to schedule an appointment with our expert in treatment of tooth pain in Huntington Beach.


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