How Zoom Whitening Works


Zoom whitening is another option for patients who want to rid their smile of stains. The formula used by Zoom has two bleaching compounds rather just one, resulting in greater improvements per session. Here is a look at the workings of this treatment.

Unique Zoom Formula

Classic office bleaching uses hydrogen peroxide to oxidize stains off of the teeth. The Zoom formula includes hydrogen peroxide, but it also contains carbamide peroxide to enhance penetration of the enamel. According to the creators of Zoom, the second peroxide type boosts the action of the first.

The Zoom Process

As with other whitening treatments, Zoom involves cleaning the teeth, applying the bleaching compound, activating it, allowing it work and removing it. However, unlike with alternatives, Zoom sessions include three of these cycles for increased effects. To minimize or prevent teeth sensitivity, Zoom also includes fluoride application afterwards.

Zoom is effective at removing or greatly reducing most stains caused by foods, beverages and tobacco. Because this treatment has also been designed with repeat usage in mind, it can be ideal for patients whose teeth might benefit from regular Zoom sessions. A consultation with our cosmetic dentist in West Hollywood can be scheduled to learn more about how this procedure works.


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