How Whitening Treatments Work


Teeth whitening treatments done at the office of our cosmetic dentist in San Francisco are done by either one of our dentists or a trained staff member. Alternatively, they can be done at home using a custom-made whitening tray. The way they all work is rather simple.
All teeth whitening treatments work by making use of the incredible and natural cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide. Every whitening agent has it, or has a similar compound called carbamide peroxide, which ultimately breaks down into the former one anyway. Every product has a different amount of the peroxide, which effects the speed and quality of treatment.

The peroxide works by attacking the colored molecules that have worked their way into the enamel. What most people know intuitively but not consciously is that oxygen is one of the most destructive forces in nature. It’s what makes wine turn to vinegar and iron turn to rust. However, it does not hurt organic things like us and our teeth. When the peroxide touches the foreign, discolored molecules, it oxidizes it, breaking it apart at the molecular level. As soon as it does so, peroxide turns into inert oxygen and, essentially, water. But the stain is destroyed in the process.

Contact our expert in teeth whitening in San Francisco to set yourself on the course to perfectly white teeth.


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